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Miracle & Metaphor

You are a miracle and a metaphor. You are both. You are what God has done and what he is doing. In this next series, we are going to look at the miracles of Jesus through the eyes of the disciple John. Jesus goes around healing people‚Äôs story. Jesus takes people from blindness to sight […]

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Wes Davis // 05.01.2016 // Central Kitsap

Central Kitsap
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many locations.
one church.

Newlife gathers in different locations, but is one church.
Select a campus below for more information.

Central Kitsap

Klahowya Secondary School
Sundays: 9a, 10:15a, 11:30a, 6:15p

South Kitsap

John Sedgwick Jr. High
Sundays: 9a, 10:15a, 11:30a

Bainbridge Island

Woodward Middle School
Sundays: 9:30a, 10:45a


Mountain View Middle School
Saturday: 6p; Sunday: 9:00a, 10:30a

North Mason

North Mason High School
Sundays: 9a, 10:30a

North Kitsap

North Kitsap High School
Sundays: 9a, 10:30a
newlife is people becoming the church, on the mission with Jesus to help heal the world.